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PREMIERE: CarbonWorks – “End of the World (Part 1)” Video (GroundSounds)

Turn your speakers up, we’ve got a jam session of epic proportions. It’s a new video that from CarbonWorks and it’s pretty stunning.

It’s not often we get fresh new music from a doctor, but Neil Barnard is no ordinary doctor. As a child in Fargo, North Dakota, Barnard studied piano, cello, and guitar, and took his love of music with him to Washington, DC, where her attended medical school while establishing himself in the DC music scene. Barnard started composing and recording songs in the 80s, and he played music professionally throughout his medical school and residency. With a penchant for the avant garde, Neal constantly writes songs that defy any genre categorization. He chooses unconventional time meters as well, in order to “tilt the song ever so slightly and give you that little jolt between the ears,” as he puts it.


In his own words:

“This composition was born one night at the 9:30 Club in Washington. Our band was very guitar-heavy and really we wanted an element of restraint and complexity. So that meant a rock band and a string quartet playing simultaneously. The piece starts with the strings, then in come the guitar power chords and Chris Thomas King starts to play his beautiful blues guitar over the top. I first saw Chris with George Clooney in the Coen Brothers’ film, “O Brother Where Art Thou,” and he is such a fantastic blues guitarist. CarbonWorks’ offerings are as diverse as the band itself, ranging from jazz to classical to punk, and even beautiful ballads, one of which enjoyed several weeks on the adult contemporary top 40 chart (currently #14).”


As a pioneer in both the music and medical fields, CarbonWorks’ Neal Barnard has long since inspired many of those he has met over the years, encouraging them to explore this place we call home and issues within it more deeply. The bands’ self-titled debut album released in December, contains elements of blues, rock and jazz – and, today, Thisisthelatest are delighted to premiere the video for the new single “By The Window” which you can check out at the bottom of this feature. To coincide with the premiere, Barnard took time out of his increasingly busy schedule to chat favourite artists, his thoughts on animal testing and his lasting message to the world.

‘West Pier’ by CarbonWorks (Songwriting magazine)

CarbonWorks is a group that draws together talented musicians from a variety of backgrounds. However, at their head is Neal Barnard. Barnard is not just a supremely gifted guitarist and songwriter, he is also a world-renowned physician.

With CarbonWorks, Barnard has written songs that touch upon a variety of genres: from avant-garde compositions for jazz, rock, classical, and Vietnamese players and plenty of foreign-language elements, Barnard’s work is never predictable.

Genre-Bending… CarbonWorks (Jazz Weekly)

Here’s a band that sounds like a band, yet sounds like no other band, as they mix sounds, directions and attitudes from all over the world. Led by guitarist/keyboardist Neal Barnard and violinist Allegra Havens, CarbonWorks features ebullient vocals from Martha Roebuck, Naif Herin, Phi Khanh and Nikki Lerner, while a rotating mix and match team of saxes, strings, drums and exotica enhance 11 pieces on this album.

Neal Barnard, il dottore diventa una rockstar (The doctor becomes a rockstar) (La Repubblica)

Celebrità negli Usa, dove ha rivoluzionato il trattamento nutrizionale del diabete, oggi ha molti fan: da Clinton a Moby fino a Ellen DeGeneres e Alec Baldwin. Che ora lo sostengono anche per via del suo debutto musicale: il disco 'Carbonworks'. "Quando ero uno studente di giorno lavoravo in ospedale e la sera provavo col gruppo"


CarbonWorks is not your typical band. It’s more a collective of talented session musicians really, headed by its creator and guitarist Neal Barnard – who also happens to be a world-renowned medical doctor. Based in Washington, D.C., the band’s music is a unique fusion of rock, contemporary classical, jazz, blues and avant-garde, giving their sound an uncommon breadth and depth. With delicate melodies over driving rhythms, blues overlying classical strings, and frequent use of non-English lyrics, their songs defy categorization. Regarding the band name, in an interview with the website All Access Music, Barnard explained: “Well, ‘The Beatles’ and ‘The Rolling Stones’ were already taken. And at the base of it all, we are carbon, and these are our works.”

The band released their debut self-titled album CarbonWorks in December 2016 to rave reviews, and have been releasing a new video of one of the album tracks every month or so. Their latest is a stunning video for the equally stunning instrumental track “Monaco.”

The Chaos of Neal Barnard (Psychology Today)

“There’s a time nearer the end;

The colors are all too slow to fade;

And yet I’ll hold you fast in my heart;

No one will ever take you away;

From “Louder Than Words” by CarbonWorks


Neal Barnard has never been one to accept the status quo.

As a child growing up in North Dakota, Barnard learned to play classical music on the piano and cello.

Then he heard the Beatles.

CarbonWorks Record Release Party Hosted by Alec Baldwin : Manhattan, NYC (Pen to Paper Media)

Thursday night at the charming Metrograph Theater, on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, provided the perfect backdrop for the merging of minds and melodies. CarbonWorks Record Release Party, hosted by Alec Baldwin and Dr. Neal Barnard MD, was a benefit for the work of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (a not for profit that encourages higher standards for ethics in research; working to end the use of animals in experiments), that played out into an enthusiastic and entertaining, if not slightly unconventional evening. Actress and model, Maggie Q hit the nail on the head when she said she had, “never seen a Power Point at a CD release party!”

BWW Exclusive: CarbonWorks Premieres Music Video for 'Song For An Angel' (Broadway World)

"Song for an Angel" is a beautiful and haunting performance by CarbonWorks, a band of singular musicians from around the world. The singer, Naif Hérin, grew up in the tiny village of Aosta in the Italian Alps, just a few miles from the French border. CarbonWorks' leader, Neal Barnard, heard Naif on a European radio station, fell in love with her voice, and invited her to the U.S. to record. Naif stole the show at CarbonWorks' album release party, hosted by Alec Baldwin and Maggie Q at New York's Metrograph theater. Also featured on the song is Allegra Tortolano Havens, a violinist who is equally at home with Beethoven and Led Zeppelin.

Neal Barnard Of The Band, CARBONWORKS Discusses The Group’s Formation, Latest Music and More! (All Access Music)

The band CarbonWorks was created by Neal Barnard.  He’s a guitarist/composer who also happens to be a world-renowned medical doctor and NY Times best-selling author.  He also has appeared on Dr. Oz and Ellen.

CarbonWorks released their debut album last December. Their music is a unique combo of rock, jazz, blues and contemporary instrumental music. Even has some traditional Vietnamese instruments thrown in.

Rock, Roll, and Medicine with Neal Barnard (The Daily Voice News)

Doctors are only now beginning to understand the importance of music in our lives and its benefits when it comes to healing…something Dr. Neal Barnard discovered long ago.

Neal and his band Carbon Works have just released their self titled debut album. Comprised of mostly original songs, Neal is not one to follow the norm of basic time signatures that are found in most music. Instead he prefers to compose his songs with non-conventional meters like 7/4 and 15/8. Neal said that by taking a “normal” time signature and cutting it short a bit kind of gives people a jolt.

EXCLUSIVE! ‘Louder Than Words’ by CarbonWorks (SongWriting Magazine)

Neal Barnard is not just a skilled songwriter capable of the delicate and weaving melodies found in tonight’s exclusive song; when he is not writing music he is a renowned the physician, who has authored more than 70 scientific publications and 18 books. Neal said that by taking a “normal” time signature and cutting it short a bit kind of gives people a jolt.


God Save the King by CarbonWorks is a beautiful but sobering song and video whose words tell of disillusionment in the face of hatred and xenophobia. With images from pre-World-War-II Germany and the Nazis’ rise to power, the film could easily be mistaken for a commentary on the events of November 8, 2016, when an election upset of historic proportions escorted into power a man who some feared would give new voice to xenophobia and intolerance. Or maybe “God Save the King” is a tongue-in-cheek commentary on nationalist Britain and its angry departure from Europe.

AXS Exclusive: Dr. Neal Barnard (CarbonWorks) premiere's 'Samurai' (AXS)

World-renowned medical doctor, guitarist, and music composer, (Dr.) Neal Barnard, has released the music video premiere for his band's, CarbonWorks, new single, "Samurai." Barnard is best known for his groundbreaking work in the medical field, and founded the DC-based nonprofit, Physicians Committee on Responsible Medicine. On the other hand, Barnard has been a lifelong musician, since his childhood days in Fargo, North Dakota. His latest music project, CarbonWorks, just released their new album on Dec. 1, 2016. Their new single, "Samurai" features the entire band, with Barnard on guitar, and features a young girl named Lily, who dresses up as a samurai warrior, and frees animals held in captivity. With Barnard's unique interest in the medical field, and in music, AXS spoke with him about both professions, and how relates with both of them, his collaborations, and other musicians that he's worked with. 

Neon Jazz Interview with Jazz Fusion Guitarist & Medical Doctor Neal Barnard (Neon Jazz)

Neon Jazz Interview with Jazz Fusion Guitarist & Medical Doctor Neal Barnard

Maggie Q Discusses One Organization She’ll Be Supporting During This Season of Giving (CelebBuzz)

Maggie Q and Alec Baldwin showed their support for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) in New York City on Thursday night (Dec. 1, 2016).


Celebuzz caught up with Q at the debut of Dr. Neal Barnard’s latest music project with CarbonWorks that benefitted PCRM, a research and advocacy non-profit organization founded by Dr. Barnard that promotes preventive medicine, good nutrition, and ethical research. At the event, hosted by Baldwin, Q said that PCRM and PETA are two of the many organizations for which she is an advocate. “There’s a core seven groups that, to me, mean the most and are functional in the world we’re living in making a difference on different levels,” said Q. “They’re a group of doctors and scientists who are working on a legislative level doing a lot of privately-funded research that’s making a big difference and be able to be effective in changing laws.”

CarbonWorks – New Music (New Millennium Music)

CarbonWorks is the latest music project by Dr. Neal Barnard, composer and guitarist as well as world-renowned medical doctor and New York Times best-selling author in health and nutrition. He is a physician who has authored more than 70 scientific publications and 18 books, whose NIH-funded research revolutionized the nutritional treatment of diabetes. 

A brain-healthy drug with Dr. Neal Barnard [Interview] (The Celebrity Cafe)

It is common knowledge that songs have the power to make audiences smile. Cultures all over the world – since the beginning of humanity as we know it – have used music to celebrate, to mourn and to bring communities together. The inherent power of this art form is woven into the very fabric of society. However, few people understand the impact their favorite melody has on their brain. Some people feel only certain genres are good for you, while other genres have detrimental effects. What is the reality here? Dr. Neal Barnard sat down with to talk about music, mood, anxiety and why the link between them is important.

Hampton Roads musicians, and a cute Samurai, get in their licks on doctor's new record (The Virginian Pilot)

WHEN NEAL BARNARD gets into something, he goes all out.

As a doctor, he founded the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, an international network of doctors, scientists and laypeople; started the Barnard Medical Center to integrate nutrition and medicine; and became a best-selling author advocating for nutrition and vegetarianism.


Physician and Musician – Is there anything Dr. Barnard can’t do?

Dr. Neal Barnard is the founder of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington, DC. For over 30 years, he has been a pioneer in bringing science-based nutrition research to the masses and is credited with improving the lives of people, animals, and the planet, as well as spearheading changes in medical school education. He recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of the Barnard Medical Center where patients learn how to make lifestyle changes that will produce healthy outcomes.  Making time in his extremely hectic schedule, Dr. Barnard sat down with Naked Food Magazine’s lifestyle editor, Robin D. Everson, for an interview on his latest project: the creation of CarbonWorks, his new rock band.

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