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Phi Khanh

Phi Khanh came from Vietnam at the end of the war, and has played music here ever since. In her singing and piano work, she bridges traditional and modern styles. I actually first met Phi Khanh her at her club, Bleu, in Westminster, and we’ve kept in touch ever since.


Her formal bio would say that she was born in Saigon. As a nine-year- old, she was accepted into the National School of Music where she studied classical piano and voice. At 14, she moved

with her family to Kansas and later to California. While still a child, she began a busy performing schedule and released many recordings. She received a Bachelor of Music degree from

California State University, Fullerton, majoring in piano and voice performance. Although she is the owner of Bleu, a popular Westminster, California, venue for food, dancing, and Vietnamese

music, her first love is singing and playing music, and she maintains an active performance schedule.

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