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Dolche is the new project of the Italian/French singer-songwriter Christine Herin, whose musical career boasts five albums and more than five hundred concerts around Europe.
Descended on earth from a tiny secluded village of forty inhabitants among the heights of the Alps, Dolche has atypical and unique sounds and images. From Capitol Record Studios to Lebanon and Sweden, Dolche worked on her upcoming album Exotic Diorama over the last two years, collaborating with top names of the music industry (including the award-winning Al Schmitt and the Grammy Award winner Emily Lazar) and talented musicians from all over the world.

Dolche acquired a certain fame on the Italian and French musical scenes, between 2002 and 2017, with the stage name Naif Herin. She was also part of several Italian and French independent bands. Her work has been well received by critics for its distinctive musical style and blending of different genres, for this reason she was invited by Tommy Barbarella to record with Michael Bland, Sonny Thompson, and many other musicians from Prince’s band.

Multi-instrumental and multicultural, Dolche's music is a dreamy and powerful voyage inside her very personal and unique universe. Her music has often been compared to the works of Bjork, Feist, Peter Gabriel, Joni Mitchell, and Florence Nightingale. The horns and the flower crown she wears on stage, are an homage to an image from her childhood when cows, descending from mountain summer pastures, were adorned with flowers and celebrated until nightfall from all the inhabitants of the valley.

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